Boat Mileage Ranking is independent publisher of boat fuel consumption information. We’ve gone great lengths to gather, measure and publish fuel consumption of boat models for leading manufacturers.

Featured Fuel Economy Awards Winner of 2016

Award_economyThe has launched winner of 2016 research in number of categories. Check them out:

We were most amazed to still find out outrageous differences in fuel economy of different boats.

Bad Propeller Hits the Wallet

poorfuelconsumptionUsually more power means worse mileage and less power means better mileage. One suprising and rather depressing discovery of our study was to find out that sometimes boats straight from factory have so poor engine-propeller-hull combination that actually smaller engines consume more than big ones. For example 25 feet Yamarin consumes 0.4 Gallons per Nautical mile with 200 hp engine on it but much better 300 hp engine consumes only 0.3 Gallons per Nautical mile (THAT IS 25% LESS) and gives 10 knots better top speed and cruises 7 knots faster than 200 hp alternative. And this is just one example.

2 Responses to Boat Mileage Ranking

  1. We use this for our fuel economy and we observed a 17% fuel improvement and cleaner engines along with reducing NOX emissions.
    Also certified by the European Union.

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